Elite Straight Outdoor Stair Lift

400 lb Lift Capacity | 5-Year Limited Warranty

Use a Bruno Elite straight stair lift to glide up outdoor stairs with ease. Designed to withstand varying climates, the Elite straight outdoor stairlift features weather-resistant seat materials, a light-weight cover and anodized aluminum rail to ensure you can count on your chairlift for years into the future.

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Elite Straight Outdoor Stair Lift Brochure

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Elite Straight Outdoor Stair Lift | Video

All-Weather Reliability

Durable. Comfortable. Made in USA.

Elite Outdoor Stair Lift | Highlights

Bruno Elite outdoor stairlift at the top of a deck
Bruno Elite straight outdoor stairlift folded up mid-rail
Bruno Elite straight outdoor stairlift with cover

Weather Resistant

Marine-grade vinyl, durable outdoor paint and lightweight cover protects Bruno’s Elite stairlift from the elements. Performance tested 0°F - 125° F (-15°C - 52°C).

Space-Saving Design

Narrow vertical rail maintains maximum open space on steps. Footrest, arms, seat fold when not in use.

Easy Operation

Armrest control glides stairlift up and down. Seat swivels up to 90° at top landing for safe exit. Keyed remote call/send also standard.

High-Quality Engineering

Unique covered gear rack on rail reduces exposure to grease, dirt. Smooth, quiet ride.

Reliable, Safe

Battery-operation ensures lift works even in power outage. Obstruction sensors and retractable seat felt help ensure rider safety.

Elite Straight Outdoor Stair Lift | Options

Bruno Elite straight outdoor stairlift with larger seat pad

Larger Seat Pad

Optional larger Elite seat pad for increased comfort. 21.5" wide x 16" deep (546x406mm).

Bruno Elite straight outdoor stairlift larger footrest option

Larger Footrest

Optional larger footrest. 12" long x 11" wide (305x279mm).

Bruno Elite Straight outdoor stairlift four-point harness

Four-Point Harness

Request a four-point harness for additional securement points on the chair.

Elite Straight Outdoor Stair Lift | FAQ

Why Choose a Bruno Elite Outdoor Stairlift?

The Elite Outdoor stairlift offers luxury quality, weather-resistant design and a high 400 lb lift capacity for those seeking year-round access to outdoor living spaces. The Elite Outdoor sets the bar for straight outdoor stairlift performance.

What is the Bruno Elite Indoor Straight Warranty?

Bruno’s outdoor stairlifts include a comprehensive 5-Year Limited Warranty: 5-year warranty for major components – motor, gearbox and rail – as long as the original purchaser owns the Bruno stairlift. It also includes a 2-year warranty on all components after the date of installation by an authorized Bruno dealer and 30-days labor coverage after the date of installation by an authorized Bruno dealer for any manufacturing defect.

What is a Benefit of Elite Outdoor Stairlift’s Rail?

Other stairlift brands use a horizonal rail with exposed gear rack, but Bruno’s Elite Outdoor straight uses a vertical rail with covered gear rack. The unique vertical rail installs close to the deck railing or wall, maximizing open space on the stairs. Bruno’s covered gear rack reduces exposure to the elements and provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

How is a Bruno Elite Outdoor Straight Stairlift Powered?

A Bruno Elite Outdoor stair lift is powered by two 12v batteries that are continuously charging anytime the stair lift is parked at the top or bottom of the stairs. Because the stairlift is usually fully charged, it will provide multiple round trips -- even in a power outage!